I am intrested in photography since I was little. I try to take every opportunity to grab my camera and take some pictures. Besides others I photograph portraits, sports, landscapes and architecture, macro and lowlight scenes.

Webdesign and Webdevelopment

Designing but also the programming of a website are a lot of fun for me. I already created multiple websites and was always there from the idea to the online website.

Together with two friends of mine I create websites for individuals and small businesses. We help with every step from the first sketches to the screen design and finally the functional online site.


Besides websites I also design logos and various different print products like flyers, business cards, stationery as well as cups and t-shirts.

Video and Cinema4D

The video production is very interesting to me and I have a lot of Ideas for future projects. I will publish these on youtube. Filming with a drone really fascinates me lately even if it is very difficult.

Durring my apprenticeship I attended a course all about Cinema4D. In this course I learnd the basics of 3D modelling. If I have the time I like work on 3D renderings of rooms and landscapes.

3D modelling.


watching the time go by.


finding new perspectives.

Drone Shots